Moog Repairs
Moog Authorized Distributor

Your Solution for Moog Repairs

Authorized Repairs service areas:
  • Central Ohio
  • Southern Ohio
  • Kentucky
  • Southern Indiana
  • Central West Virginia
  • Southern West Virginia
Authentic Moog Replacement Parts, Safety Certifications Available, and Same Warranty Coverage as New Purchase

As a Moog Authorized Repair Center
Scott has the expertise to keep your equipment operating at peak efficiency.

  • We're a partner, using only Moog OEM parts
  • Conduct a full factory failure analysis and inspection
  • Can provide a Moog two-year factory warranty
  • Can provide re-certification on all servo valve parts


Through close collaboration with you and Moog,
we'll determine the root cause of the failure
& recommend system improvements.


We can tailor a valve & actuator maintenance program
to meet your specific needs while
decreasing downtime,
minimizing repair costs,
& increasing productivity. 

Scott will ensure your systems are
operating at
maximum reliability and efficiency.


Sometimes parts sent in for repair are updated to the
latest configuration from Moog, which means often your repaired item
leaves the facility better than when originally manufactured.


Moog standard inspection reports identify physical damage,
contamination, & other observations.

Moog will replace these parts & report any
findings that allow us to solve issues with your hydraulic system. 

Should your unit be beyond the point of repair,
we can quote Moog replacements.